Examples of claims

A customer of the real estate insurance agency purchased a new digital printing machine. As fate would have it, near the end of the machine installation and running on one of the weekends, there was a leak from a water pipe in the business gallery just above the machine. We accompanied the insured throughout the claim - dealing with the assessor and an electronics expert on behalf of the insurance company. We demanded that the insurance company recognize the machine as Total Lust in light of the damages caused to it. And accompanied the insured until the actual payment of the claim by the insurance company according to the value of purchasing a new printing machine despite the increase in the price of the machine from the date of its acquisition.

Hacking into a business. Immediately upon receipt of the insured's notice of the break-in, we approached the insurance company with an application to appoint an appraiser. We reached the insured's business even before the assessor arrived to accompany the insured and be present during the examination of the assessor and the experts on behalf of the insurance company. Prior to the event we verified compliance with the protective conditions required by the insurance company, including our demand from the insurance company to verify this by an expert on its behalf. A payment of approximately NIS 1,140 thousand was made within a month.

Insured in the field of supplying parts for the vehicles and planes. Parts sold by the insured caused damage to one of his customers. The Amitai insurance agency accompanied the insured throughout the claim, including the opinion of external experts, including a metrologist, quantification of the amount of the claim, assistance in dealing with the injured parties, and so on until the compensation received by the insurers in the international field.

Insured has provided electronic labels to one of the largest retail chains in the world. As a result of erroneous operation instructions, the control system did not block idle readings, causing wasted batteries within the electronic labels, and shortening their life span. In order to avoid a claim, the insured repaired the damage to the customer. The insurance company in the first stage refused to recognize responsibility. We represented the insured in dealing with the insurance company, we helped to adjust the damage and policy terms. In addition, we were involved in the insured's negotiations with his client on the extent of his responsibility for the damage. We used an appraiser on behalf of the insurers and an international appraiser to deal with the disposal of the toxic policy of the batteries. And to ensure insurance coverage for this. We assisted the insured in negotiating with the insurance company for full payment of the damage.

One day in the afternoon, a fire broke out in the server room of a high-tech company insured by AMI, and as a result of the fire, the sprinklers began to damage computers, structure and contents. On the first day, the policyholders returned to work part time, accompanied the policyholders throughout the claim - quantifying the amount of damage to property and loss of profits, assisting in dealing with all the parties on behalf of the insurance company, among other things on the question of meeting the protection requirements.

A client at the Amtai agency identified signs of dampness in his apartment. He contacted a company that provides pipeline repair services within the framework of the policy. We were contacted by the insurance company and demanded that an appraiser be appointed on its behalf and that a liquidity check be carried out to identify the source of the damage. The insurance company paid NIS 225,000 for the repairs in the insured's apartment and for alternative housing during the period of the work.

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